Indirect Loading Analytical (Semi Micro Balances)

Contech the leading manufacturer of Electro Magnetic Force Compensation High Precision Balances manufactures , Indirect Loading Analytical (Semi Micro Balances) from 0.01mg accuracy. These Balances are available in various models and specifications to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications in Research & QC Laboratories of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile industries as well as Educational Institutions.
Models CA-65 CA-224D CA-44 CA-84 CA-164 CA-234
Capacity 60g 60/220g 40g 80g 160g 230g
Readability 0.00001g 0.00001/0.0001g 0.0001g 0.0001g 0.0001g 0.0001g
Repeatability (+/-) 0.03mg 0.03/0.3mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.2mg 0.2mg
Linearity (+/-) 0.05mg 0.04/0.4mg 0.2mg 0.2mg 0.4mg 0.4mg
Pan Size 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm

    The balance is supplied with the Breeze shield as standard.
Features of Semi Micro, Analytical, High Precision, Precision
& Industrial Precision Balances

  • Multiple weighing units.
  • Standard bi-directional RS-232 interface.
  • Polyfunction : % weighing, counting, fill mode, GSM etc.
  • Backlite LCD display.
  • Motorized internal calibration (Optional).
  • ISO GLP compliance (Optional).
  • Real time clock (RTC)(Optional).
  • Density determination kit (Optional).
  • Weigh below hook for density determination (Optional).
  • Yarn count with temperature compensation (Optional).
  • Denier measurement for silk & synthetic yarn (Optional).
  • Cocoon assessment with statistical analysis for cocoons (Optional).
  • Software for SQC (Statistical Quality Control) for Pharmaceutical
  • Industries (Optional). 
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