High Precision Eco Series

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of High Precision Eco Series (0.001g To 500g ) that are made available by us with optional inbuilt motorized calibration in die-cast enclosure.
Specification Eco Series
Models- MA303E MA203E MA3002E MA2002E MA1202E MA622E MA6001E MA15001EB MA10001EB
Capacity,g/ct 300g/1500ct 300g/1500ct 3000g 2000g 1200g 620g 6000g 15kg 10kg
Readability,g/ct 0.001g/0.005ct 0.001g/0.005ct 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g
Pan Size,mm Ø80 Ø80 Ø128 Ø128 Ø128 Ø128 153x173 230x280 230x280
Calibration Automatic with External Weight
Display Large LCD With Soft Backlight
Interface Standard output/  Rs232C Rs232C optinal
Applications Counting, Unit Conversion, Weight Accumulation Counting,Units, Settings Limits , Accumulation