Density Balances

Density Balances is available in 2 types one to be mounted on the pan and the other type is with attachment for weigh below the balance. Density Determination Kit consists density weighing pan assembly, stainless steel base for beaker, glass beaker, optional sinker for testing materials having density less than water and software (program) for density determination. <

Specification  MB Series
Models-  MM53.1  MM53.5  MM2.1
Capacity in gram 50g 50g 50g
Readability in gram 0.001g 0.005g 0.01g
Moisture  Readability 0.01 % 0.05 % 0.10 %

Pan Size ,mm

Ø 100

Ø  100

Ø 100


 Automatic  with External  Weight


 Alphanumeric  with  Soft  Back light


Built in  RS 232C

Analysis  Modes