Density Balance

We are leading Manufacture , suppliers and exporter of Density Balance.Features -:
  • Density Determination Kit is available in 2 types one to be mounted on the
  • Pan and the other type are with attachment for weigh below the balance.
  • Density Determination Kit consists density weighing pan assembly, stainless
  • Steel base for beaker, glass beaker, optional sinker for testing materials
  • Having a density less than water and software (program) for density
  • Determination.
  • Facility for programming density of liquid (other than water) and temperature
  • Of water.
  • In case of multiple samples, storage of all the sample weights in air first and
  • Then in water, viewing of density of individual samples one by one of the
  • Display
  • Determination of density of liquid samples (Optional).
  • Determination of air release value for oil samples (Optional).